Volkswagen Recall Department in Rensselaer, NY

If your Volkswagen is involved in a recall service, bring it into the service center at Cooley Volkswagen for certified recall services!

Volkswagen Recall Department in Rensselaer, NY

When there’s a defect or problem in a car that went unnoticed during design, production, and testing, the manufacturer issues a recall to change out the faulty part or component of the car. This can be anything from a tailpipe that rusts quickly to an airbag that doesn’t deploy. No matter what the recall, we can handle it in our Volkswagen recall department, where we make sure your car is free of any parts or components that could cause a problem for you.

VW Recall Department

Recall Services in Rensselaer, NY

When You Should Get Your Recall Taken Care Of

As we mentioned, recalls can be simple, and they can also be serious. Even a small component fault can cause your car to be in danger, and the manufacturer issues recalls mainly to protect you. You can use our online recall finder to search for recalls for your year and model Volkswagen so that you can get any open recalls fixed as soon as possible. Most open recalls are fixed for free by a certified Volkswagen service center, which our service center is.

Certified Service for Your Recall Replacements

Our certified technicians studied, worked, and trained for months to years to qualify for the national credentialing exam, and the fact that they’re certified means they passed that exam. This is an automatic guarantee of the quality of their work and allows you to give us your Volkswagen and know that only professionals with the highest respect for you and your car will be working with its vital parts and components. Our certified technicians will give you the best service you can find!

What Happens When a Recall is Fixed

Generally, recalls are a part that is easily replaced. Our certified technicians use genuine OEM parts, and since Volkswagen is the one providing the parts, you can know that the new part won’t be affected by the recall at all. Once we put the new part in, we like to test the systems the part is in, and then we also provide a complimentary multi-point inspection, so not only is your car safer and more mechanically sound afterward, but you know which parts are going to need service soon.

Come to Cooley Volkswagen for Your Volkswagen Recalls

We’re anxious to help all Volkswagen owners with their recalls, no matter how urgent they are. Every little bit we do helps, and we want to give back to the wonderful community we live in. Our certified technicians are standing by, waiting to provide your car with the parts and components that won’t fail on you. You can call us during business hours or use our online service scheduler to set an appointment, so schedule your recall service today!

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